Mahar Marriage Is One Of Terms

Mahar is one of the requirements to be met by a Muslim man to marry a Muslim woman. Dowry or dowry can be given in various forms, even in the form of Al-Quran recitation. It was once done by some companions of the Prophet.

"Give mahr (dowry) to the woman (who you marry) as a mandatory provision. Then, if they deliver to you a portion of the dowry was happy, then eat (take) the gift (as food) is tasty and good price. "(Surat An-Nisa [4]: 4)

In marriage, dowry also be interpreted as initial capital to get married. So, the candidate's wife to give the terms of the dowry to the prospective husband she wants. However, Islam is not burdensome because of dowry also be in the form of debt or in installments. However, this should be mentioned in the contract.

Not Always Treasure
Mahar does not have to be a treasure, it could also be services that can be taken advantage, or it is deemed beneficial to the woman. As the Koran teaches about Islam, or rooting.

"Thus, wives who have you enjoyed (interfering) between them, give them her dowry (perfectly), as an obligation; and Nor why for you to something you've let go of each other, after determining that a dowry. Indeed, Allah is knowing, Wise. "(Surat An-Nisa [4]: ​​24)

However, history is exemplified by the Prophet's companions were not much imitated in the present. in Indonesia is still better because there is equipment in the form of dowry received prayer and the Quran. However, in Middle Eastern countries, most girls and their families asked for and wanted an expensive dowry and high value as a dowry. Not infrequently, the dowry was a car, house, company, land, or jewelry in large quantities.

for it, before marriage, you should discuss with the candidate's wife, about the ability of prospective husbands financially. better to simplify the terms of marriage, especially dowry. because when the wedding was postponed, possibly for the greater spread of fornication.

Which usually becomes a problem is the future in-laws. However, if the candidate's wife has agreed dowry amount is not excessive, then the prospective in-laws could be persuaded to be more soft and can be persuaded to accept her future husband's proposal, provided that the candidate can convince the husband-in-law, that he is a man of good and responsible.