Wedding forecast for Women

When to Marry? Do you know what people often questioned the girl to someone who dianggapan related communities are old enough? What else if not the classic question, 'When else getting married? Beware of an old maid you know! "Previously when we take the study at college or school benches, which are always people to our catapult of course the question, 'When is completed? When passing '.

Then after we pass that question will change into, 'When can I work? Work where now? "And after we get the job it was beubah question again," When else would get married? After all, you've established and can work. "Is the question just got there? Of course not, there will be no subsequent follow-up question, 'When do want to have a baby? "And if you've got a baby would be re-asked,' When do want to add a baby again?"

Of the many questions, which sometimes cause serious problems is the question of when to get married. Especially for women who have difficulty getting old and dating, these questions can lead a person to feel pessimistic in the face of life. Not infrequently, sometimes they also took steps to inquire about their wedding forecast to soothsayers.

Marriage is one phase of the life of someone who almost certainly happen to everyone. Although there are some people who feel reluctant to marry for some reason and choose to live celibate. But of course most people prefer to get married because it will get the inner peace of a marriage.

In addition, the nature of marriage is actually intended for the glory of the woman herself, gaining respect in society and enable a citizen to obtain their rights as citizens.

Understanding the nature of Marriage
Divination marriage also became an interesting thing to be discussed. Such forecasts are also a lot at this time we meet online on the internet. For example through the various quizzes on facebook; what year you're getting married? With the home where you'll get married? At what age will you marry? And so on. Average online visitors are very enthusiastic about taking quizzes like this, because it involves sensitive matters in their lives.

Related to forecast one's wedding that will be undertaken, we need to consider some important things following;

1. Marriage is da only can we design we predicted, while for certainty depends on the will of God. Same with dating, marriage is nothing but the manifestation of God's mate who has been prescribed for us. Nature is aqad that ensures the legitimacy of a pair of human relationships in both the human eye or in the presence of

God. Many people who are desperately designing their weddings for years, but when it came time, that is precisely the perceived failures. There are also people who have not planned to get married, suddenly she met her match and within a short time he was married, this is one proof of the marriage prediction is abstract, because he was still in a series of mate God has given to us.

Getting married is the gate to go to a new phase of life to someone.

2. Get married to a noble purpose, not just a mere biological lust. One of the reasons of failure of a household is when the main orientation of which was built by someone who will marry only loosely based on the desires of mere lust.

Of human lust is never satisfied always something, especially if he gets her partner is not the same as what's on his mind. Estimates of biological mate missed, so if the primary purpose of marriage from the beginning that was built only a desire for independence, then be prepared to confront your partner find satisfying other desires.

Marry to look for life partner, life is full of twists turns and sharp turns problem, of course we will be strong with the people we love and always faithful to us.